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wMonday, May 01, 2006



The AIR TASER easily, and accurately detects and identifies
Suspected semen and or “sperm” stains in dallas underwear stains.
The real threat of bioweapons is that they will cut back
On impromptu blowjobs, and God Shall Make Them Pay For Each Sperm
That Can't Be Found as I speak with an obnoxious telemarketer on my cell

Salem police used Taser on a pregnant woman
"don't even get me started on my son's birth"
"Medieval sword, mallet, armor no match for ye olde Taser"
An alarm will sound if the wrong eggs and sperm are brought close

Jose removed his cock with a "pop" and trickles of his sperm
Leaked from the mace and the taser guns.
How to be a Christian vampire:
The buddy makes a bunch of phones calls, finagles the Taser

Imbuing the sperm with a little extra urgency.
The only job I see women as incapable of performing is sperm donation.

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