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wMonday, May 01, 2006



I've got style, miles and miles...
I'm known for purchasing anything gadgety that crosses my
Classic rock valkyries with potentially cool outfits
That mock Sheryl Crow's chest

But she began writing children's books before all the celebrities
Took DIY kegel enlargement seminars

Don't hate her because of her poncy, gay fans,
She isn't a racist skimming Kalidasa for evidence that
Screamo is for left-wing dickheads

I don't blister easily
"Hello my name is corpse"
That's when I found out her outfit will ONLY fit
On Teen Skipper, legless and posable Loch Ness Jesus

The key thing about the unicorn sex toys is that
The muppet can't veto the dance ordinance
And we get to laugh at Sir Fugliness imagining he's
With Tom Cruise and not trolling the chat rooms
With the I-used-to-be-on-the-wb mistletoe

No, get this, he's got a Brandon Lee fixation
And the smallest dick you've ever seen

posted by Jordan #