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wMonday, May 01, 2006



All I wanted to do was get a picture of Faith wearing bunny ears,
And Alino blasted every facet of the Bunny Burgers operation.
Crowds of middle-aged ladies squealing about the "cute guys."
Elaborate bunny deaths. Little known factoid:

You may only pay $20 at a pet store on a young, cute bunny,
But in a few weeks, those hormones will start to rage!
It's amazing how an animal that's normally regarded as cute
Can spank your monkey with such vigour as to appear to have
Whole cell patch clamp in thin brain stem slices.

Its called sham rage because the response is often
Unrelated to the provocation and is short lived.
The motor components of offensive display
Regender a Morrissey song, which is a cute enough act
To lead to a boring book about vegetarians who
"Really love chickens" because they're cute.
Either go vegan or shut up, or just shut up anyway.

posted by Jordan #