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wMonday, May 01, 2006



The Skatin' Utes were dispatching the Klez virus
When Beslan children went for greater symptoms

For example, ricin will take this up the ladder
Of an increasingly homogenous mass culture

You know the day will come to say goodbye to basketball
But you still take cocaine to block out pleasure

Wash your hands, draw a cartoon of "What Would Jesus
Dink?" starved for genuine love and gold plating systems

To get a more mature, soulful idiot instruction
To the am-I-awake-or-not question

To answer your question, the antidove has never
Played by the semi-official rules of courtesy

OK, I'm fat and no sadistic calisthenics guru
Is hitting the sweet spot of my jesus machine like

Ms California Trampoline Campari Soda
If she wants me to hit the bird with a rock

If that gets me an extra hundred and five minutes
I'm going to find me a bushel of rocks and get hucking

posted by Jordan #