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wMonday, May 01, 2006



Winter birds are not like everready human bunny rabbits,
They court only in the spring. My bunny vibrates
Plate tectonics but I'm worried about repetitive stress,
No way am I getting a semilunate administrative session
I'm all bunny-cannibalism anyone? and she's
German Shepherd jumping the fence, the bunny rising

Two million lego blocks later, she's turning over
And I'm the light at the end. Luckily the aggression
Is a baby bunny pissing in both our laps,
The dogs wearing carpal wraps to reduce impact
Even at a crowded Hollywood carrot patch (yes they have those).

Look up too many words, and I'll leave you with this rabbit
Who enjoys getting her nose rubbed for so long
You'll get carpal tunnel before she tells Bernie Bunny
About unfiltered empathy. We saved her from a car park last week.
We and the grandkids are on the edge of nausea all the time.

posted by Jordan #