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wTuesday, May 02, 2006



Friday Best Puppy High Five Picture Ever Blogging.
I'd love to pretend I had mad photog skillz, but my
High-tech barrier around Gaza Israel is beefing up
The morale of the eight men injured on Thursday

Would I rather be chased with a machete or chance
On forgotten ordnance in a trash strewn meadow?
Five teenage boys accused of plotting a shooting rampage
Maybe the logo gets wrapped around a land mine,

Lesson plan: Pass around the photos* of landmines
Hidden in undergrowth. Five groups try to find them.
Then pass out the blown up photos so they can see them.
This is a five-year global photo documentary project

Veterans groups and former high-ranking military officers
Have noted the limited military value of anti-personnel landmines
In wars between armies. For instance, if a woman ever asks
The classic land-mine question: "Honey, does this dress make

Besides Bosnia and Croatia, countries at the top of the list are
Rushed to home plate to high-five and chest bump Adrian Beltre.
This morning, I see this dude totally step in a Prague landmine
(Dog shit). And then we both start laughing -- high five!

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