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wTuesday, May 02, 2006



And my grandfather is like, 'So dude,
what's the deal with the feathered friend?'

"And my grandfather says, 'No way.'
"And the dude with the vulture

will tell you. The summer after my grandfather died,
I found myself listening to this Steely Dan song over and over,

She was raised by her grandfather
after her parents were killed in an automobile accident

I read all the classics at my grandfather's dude ranch
when I was 7 years old. I loved to read, and I was good.

But we never stayed in any place long
What I'm trying to say is it doesn't sound too "old-World-y,"

I used to think my grandfather just this mild mannered old Italian guy,
(My grandfather never owned a TV )

I never shall forget (that's how my grandfather always began his stories) the
time I heard somebody holler "Dude"—that's what they called me back then,

While paramedics were working on the grandfather,
a security officer took the boy to live

with the moderately psychotic grandfather..."
"Dude, that's a lot of bones."

Dude couldn't keep it on the road so we took his license away.
He's a retired Federal Judge

“You know that special bottle of mescal my grandfather gave me?”
When that old dude at the door of Walmart greets me, I always think

"Stop Wearing Skirts, Dude."

posted by Jordan #