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wWednesday, May 03, 2006



Rule rule rule rule
Smile, you're on security camera
In Mario Lanza's fourth movie

You're sixteen, you're beautiful
And you're the best lawyer in town

I wanna put my lips to your ear
And my ear to your lips

And if I could touch your hand
For eternity, like the blind man
Who gave God back his tennis ball,
I'd sit on the roof of the palace
Of the sons of Atreus
And take off my red dress

Stop the car close to your sorority house
And make out until my other girlfriend walks by

Drive down to Princeton, do the game,
Spend the night with the Princeton band
(They invited us)
And beat up some Vegans

Do you see your hand in the ploughed fields
Below you?
Peace is growing again and grapes are stiff, are ripe
Only the snail, not happy, remembers your power
The powerless bushes crave for your existence
It is still ruled by the wind
It still smells of ancient smell

I know that all of these are the preparations of the scream:
What does the black metal in the garage have for us?
Look how fear turned into a spider
Looking for the answer at his computer.


(last two stanzas borrowed from Radovan Karadzic)

posted by Jordan #