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wWednesday, May 03, 2006



Friends don't let Smurfs barf
On my bloated dog,
The text "Hello welcome on board" reveals
Dark wood paneling and one of those drop ceilings
That round up the militia

My passengers frequently barf their souls out
When night and sleep are deep and dark
Rays can push their stomachs outside their mouths
We don't "agree" with backwards ass Taliban goat fucks

Kneeling on the seat with my head over the side I said,
"You know, my stomach has been bothering me all night,"
I guess Sue Ellen will be an illegal alien

About 30 minutes later the guy comes out of the bathroom
Gets home, gets on the internet,
Starts squirting blood everywhere
Types 'was there squid in the stew?' and passes out,
The puke shorting out the keyboard

posted by Jordan #