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wWednesday, May 03, 2006



A lot of people misunderstand me
I just want to fuck you
When we do ... Ouch!
Then our parents say,
"I told you no, don't touch that!
Now do you see why?"

Over and over and over and over again
you are pretty sure you are mostly done with the masks
It feels like we're condemning fear,
but in truth, fear is just one of her lips
quivering not from disgust, but in awe
And there are hoards of people outside

Give me time to open up,
Bury my knee in a cloud

Not just to reach out to alienated bored schoolkids
But to coax all the discordant notes to the surface
To hear from you sweet smog children:

"If I wasn't having sex with my husband,
It would be Gary Busey."

posted by Jordan #