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wWednesday, May 03, 2006



Young adults who are obese
Would actually have a higher IQ
If the liberals didn't take some of it away
For gun nuts to pimp

Take one girl
Add several billion purple ducks
Iron Health Balls
Make Lucky Charms halal/kosher

Not Buddhist but useful
said Speese, who has four fused vertabrae
and a metal plate in her neck
Riding dirtbikes helps

Your friends, always asking you to smoke
That nerd bunny slut
When all you like is super poop
And the exact same thing can be said

About selecting "keyboard shortcuts"
if it gets too white and you're too young,
Jack and Jill cotillions
Get the Red S treatment

These negative spreadsheet numbers
Are really chapping my ass
"Have you considered having
Dick replacement surgery?"

The tyranny of leeches
In the long run
Teaches us the shape of the spoon
Is the best tail of all

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