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wFriday, May 05, 2006



I really don't care about the cool kids,
I'm pursuing the elusive "Jewish" gene
By rustling chocolates in a bag

Nearsighted reptiles, mostly

And yet nobody bitch-slapped
The Kafka zigzag motif,
I was worried as fuck
The poem would use words like
Ubiquitous and hominid

my 2nd degree burns
Called out to me, "Super Mario Bros,
"Get a soft porn vampire movie,
"And find someone to take your seed
"into some coiuntry with free health care"
(Hence the reason why I love poetry)

I tend to see my whole life through metaphors and symbols
When things stop, they stop,
and they don't start up again.

I live in a world of boulders and a nuclear submarine.
The clouds before the rainbow.
A black and white checkered shirt, maybe, with minor rainbows
around where the contrasting colors meet.

posted by Jordan #