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wFriday, May 05, 2006



The Tommerdahl girl said they could all go in her uncle's RV
But I couldn't figure out how to persuade the adopted kids
To hang around and take care of Uncle Ezra while he got started in aa,
And Uncle Dick was back in Cumberland dealing with the Blue Light.
I also managed to puke up on Uncle Kasey. Not just a little, but ALOT!
Leslie's aunt and uncle have a place down there they let us stay in,
It's technically a church but six days of the week that's not a problem,
Oh, and the rumors of Uncle Mitch being involved in group-marriage
(With Uncle Ben! no chuckling, he's part of the family now)
Are not true, but the one about cloning research is absolutely real --
We're all proud of him and Uncle Drew, especially now that Drew
Has gotten out of the chat rooms "for good this time." The Nobel prize
Comes with a million dollars cash, Drew! Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon
Haven't sent word since they went to work on CHUD but they said
Not to worry, and Aunt Katie is recuperating in Nova Scotia
From the malaria she got on the stint in Ghana translating the bible.
Get well, Katie, we're all looking forward to your stories!

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