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wMonday, May 08, 2006



Slovenians would have you believe there is an ongoing debate about whether
Slavoj Zizek or Tomas Salamun is the country's greatest export
(Ales Debeljak and Vinko Globokar don't even make the list
Not to speak of Drago Jancar) but the hops used by the Lasko brewery
(Does Slovenia need cybercafes? The Festival of Beer and Flowers
Sends girls to open beers in train compartments across Europe,
And only in Iceland and Greenland to the girls come closer
To outdrinking boys in the beer department. Here's where the internet
Shit pisses me off until I got home with a sandwich and a beer
Wishing I was eating one of the girls out, when it comes to beer
I like mine dark as night, I think beer is like girl the sex
Is good and the food is better, wine, beer, dizzy, drink, fluid, mouth,
When Gregor was 67 he married a girl 22 and she died before him,
That's some cheap beer! Then the car stopped and these five guys
and three bears came tumbling out towards the hood of our car,
The guys were carousing probably insanely high and they started
Attacking the bears with their cocks on the hood of our car,
It was very confusing, the car wouldn't start, the bears didn't fight
Maybe they were sedated or drunk on the beer everybody always has here.)
Are prized across Europe and America for their rich bouquet.

posted by Jordan #