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wFriday, May 05, 2006



It's all over and he knows it.
That is if you can see them through the glare on his fauxtanned forehead.
Less smiles. More serious looks.
I think he's telling the truth,
the slow realization that he’s looking at someone
who’s very different from the man he remembers.

Even his T-shirt -- a fitted Pink Floyd tee -- is symbolic. P
at's been to the dark side of the moon, and now he's ready to see
the picture of Jesus melting as it hit the ground,

he'd love to kick back with a printout and just figure it out on his own.

He resents the day they took his black cap away.
And he's all for hanging men, flogging men with tails.

He's going to eat your headphones.

He’s on a cat walk He’s got a cat walk He’s on a cat walk He’s got a cat walk
Jess and Rory all the way!!!
word on the street is he picks his nose

Sure, he's in love, but there's something else, too.
He was going through a messy breakup with his wife, Mayo,
That's how I play, the last game of my life,

that pitiful, hopeless attempt to process information,
but failing miserably because it is simply beyond the capacity,
there is nothing but dirty thoughts running

He may not be a top-notch play caller, but he has the fire inside
the corners of his mouth--always a little askance and amused--
and in his low, measured voice, which seems perpetually to
act a bit uninterested in this movie, his fourth feature

Then he crawls slowly across the carpet to the coffee --
Start saving the bail money now

You can see it in his eyes,
He thinks he's going to get rich as fuck,
can tell when he sighs a little and walks to the window like a little man.
I'd give it maybe another six minutes
before the squid strangles his cerebral cortex

And we can all get back to our lives
giving petroleum and its by-products a bad name.

posted by Jordan #