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wFriday, May 05, 2006



I read some new "language poetry" today
and I was surprised how boring it is by comparison
with today's wegle-flomp and flarf movements

thank you very much!! for you big help in my pag,
and you know than you band is very good, Brutal!!!! HEIL SATAN!!!!!!
The Questions involve remembering everything you’ve done.

Yes it is a wolf eel,
Holdfasts clutching the bottom of
The mifepristone enthusiast

"Sylvia, could you big help me with this?" Maria asked.
Startled, Sylvia turned to force some free adult beverage
a big mistake since it kept kinking

(Say, can u project whenever you want ?
how is that background in real estate law going for you?
Can you Big help Big Boobs pictures?)

"Thank you. You big help for Hop Sing," Hop Sing said
as he looked down at the big bright green eyed child, who was
For Him (4) For You (7) For Tasting (10) For Fun (15) Incredible

Yeah, it's boring as shit
Who doesn't wish they were a robot-squid monster?
Boring typically means "to lack interest in"

And isn't the dictionary definition approach a cue to die?
We were listening to "Satan is boring"
Boring But Short, ok for a show maybe but not good to say about a guy

He's so boring since he stopped drinking
But bring in the hookers and WHO'S BORING NOW, BAYBAY
I have compiled a list of the seven things women find boring in bed

John Cage said if it's boring, give it another hour
He meant it's like economics, you get it the first few minutes
Then figure out who to suck up to

Can a blow job even *be* boring? I guess so
Lava fields, insect attacks, a pervy teacher is behind
This year's high school massacre ah nuts it's boring

Hug my nuts, already
What's with your well-written blog, anyway
I suppose you think all people are nice

The internet, chat rooms, nora jones' voice, my life
Boring is in Clackamas County, in the Portland metro area
Is free boring? what about hugs,

In fact, the big blogs are probably the most boring ones out there
And I want to quit my boring soul-destroying job
But I'm a middle-aged neglected child unable to imagine a world

where my graphic novels will get me rubbed on the scrotum
*except* as a scene in said novels, so I think you see the issue
Hey, I'm totally boring you, I'll let you go

No? it's ok?
When's the last time you attended training
and said "give me more of that!"

posted by Jordan #