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wFriday, May 05, 2006



Aunt Nada is still not doing real well. The doctors say
She's only starting to heal the way she's supposed to,
But we're all just thrilled how the second single is doing.
Hurry up and get back on that stage, Nada! Our men in uniform
Need you. Speaking of, Uncle Gary sent another one of his
Heavily blacked-out notes from the base. We're all so proud
Of him, and worried of course, but Gary is not one to take chances
When we're all counting on him to come back and teach
Little Mel to rollerblade. (She's got all her grown-up teeth,
Though, so maybe they can plan to put in some zinnias instead.)
Uncle Rod reports that his degree in Behavioral Psychology
Is coming through on schedule later this month, and that
The Capoeira has changed his life. We're flying down
For the big exhibition fight in July, I hope they have a/c
(Uncle Stan's giardia makes him just about quit in the summer).

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