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wWednesday, May 24, 2006


I don't care what anybody says
About the President. I don't care
What people say about me and you.
I don't care how many taco stands
You have to knock over, get me
That idol. I don't care, vanilla,
Vinyl, Tempe Arizona, whatever.
I don't care when you come over,
I'm leaving. I don't care what
You're wearing, just get here now.
I don't care either way about
Depleting cod stocks. I don't care
Whether you use your hands
Or your feet. I don't care about
Poetry. I don't care, they can
Have their little coffee wars,
I'll be kicking back with a soda
Somewhere shady. I don't care,
Whatever you think looks best.
Apathy? could not care less.

posted by Jordan #