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wFriday, April 13, 2007



Doing is one of the stupidest sounding words in the English language
Diphthong is also up there

Taxes remind me of my father
Who loved the McNally cartoon fake tax form that asked
"How many talking chickens do you have?
Do any of them play the oboe?"

I have no talking chickens
I have a federal return and three state returns
And, as it turns out, two separate New York City returns

Those two make me want to drink more wine
Is not a sentence that comes to my mind except when I'm watching tv

Doing taxes is a lot like watching tv
I get so stupid I expect them to ask me about my talking chickens

Here, take my talking chickens
Turn them into dead Iraqis, and what about Iran
Excuse me while I top off my shiraz

posted by Jordan #