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wFriday, April 20, 2007



The puppy
Looks up from his
Free newspaper

Clumps of dirt
Covered with grass


The 5-4 decision,
the first time the Supreme Court
has upheld a ban on
a specific abortion method,
is set to change the abortion debate.


You want to be the way you are,
Therefore Billy Joel loves you.

It's hard out here for a pimp.
Irony and sincerity are separate nation states.


All species have
evolved over
time from
a few forms through
the process of
natural selection.


The bible tells us so.


A protease is any enzyme
that begins protein catabolism
by hydrolysis of the peptide bonds
that link amino acids together
in the polypeptide chain.


The cycle of rebirth
is also the escape
from the cycle of rebirth.

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