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wFriday, August 31, 2007



At the movies it's only love
Shining through the dust, all moo
For the band called The Jokes
Playing in between scenes of lava flowing.

I'm sorting out the wraparound
For a frienemy in a dramedy,
And what you know is what I heard,
A name made in finest countdowns,

A difference from the where-to-begin
Of library ladders, not that big of a deal
For the parka people rocking
The have a good one into oblivion.

Who are those people, and where was I
When they sent home the flier
With the offer to become one
With the peergroup or the universe,

Whichever go along to get along
The weather wants to word as winter.
I'll watch myself persist in reading
This indifference as a sign.

On the chalkboard of the cinema
The long s (not summation)
Indicates limits beyond sex,
Beyond death, even beyond

The expectations of family --
That is, the imagination. If you've seen
Out your front door in the morning
How many trucks it takes

To film four minutes of network tv,
And if you've ever served on a committee...
It's hard work to be clear.
The car chase lasts eight years.

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