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wMonday, February 25, 2008



I've been thinking about writing a novel.
Also, I've been thinking about building a robot.
I'm sweating like a superintendent --
We're baking a meatloaf at the moment.
This afternoon I scissored open a bag of bread mix.

There is a quantity of champagne -- prosecco I mean.
Translation -- really hauling it all over,
Not just freeloading like Bill Murray
On post-traumatic stress disorders I've avoided --
I will sit down and make my own English out of French.

What else do I like that's bad for me,
Besides this disappearing into my selves I mean.
I do collect eccentric alcohols, to be sure.
Clutter -- that's about it, and mild eccentricities.
I'll write a book about a robot baker who lives in squalor.

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