Friday, April 12, 2013



The glade in shadow
Of the executive park
By the parkway

Climbing the highway
Out of the valley
And over the notch
Cut in the ridge

Papers, letters,
Books, journals,
Clothes, bags, kudu horns,
Baseball caps
Covering the bed

The passage
In Human, All Too Human
Against writers who typify
The spirit of the times

The Pilot station in Grantsville
With the view

Mennonite restaurant
Down the hill

Can't sleep in New York
No dreams

Premium pieces and halves

Groundcherry's a pinch and a pop --
Tomato, cantaloupe and steak

"Muskmelon you mean"

The strength of steel
And lighter than air
If you fill it with helium

The officer trying
To pull the dog to safety
Bitten three times on the arm

Mokolo nakokufa

Every song is called
"On the day that I die"

The trooper saw the parked car
Shining a floodlight
On the fields

Her waking ritual
Hunched forward
Stretching back

Her being

The passing lane
Under the exit sign

A notch in the ridge

On the road
The road

Pushing the foot down
Being pulled forward

The barn the cemetery
The billboard debris

The passenger turning to stare

The drivers stare
Straight ahead

The girl in the blue velvet band
The gal who invented kissing

The speed trap cop car
Makes a Y with the road

At either desk
Suddenly I'm driving

Sitting in the moving car
Their weight in my arms

Saved for later